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Project Files: Transplanting House Plants

We tend to worry more about our outdoor gardens than our indoor plants, but every so often they need more attention than just watering. Follow these tips for transplanting to help keep your house plants strong and healthy.


  • Plants are usually transplanted for decorative reasons (exchanging an old pot for new, for example) or because their roots have insufficient room and are starting to break the surface of the earth. If you are transplanting for decorative reasons, you can use the same size pot, but if the roots need more room you should select a pot which is at least 2" larger in diameter.
  • Some plants require special soils. Check with our garden experts to find out what is best for yours.


  • Use new good quality soil and fill the new pot to half capacity.
  • Gently loosen the plant in old pot and remove it with the old earth. Gently brush the earth from the roots of the plant and place it in the new pot.
  • Add earth to the top of the root ball and pack it lightly. Pack down the edge lower to create a trench for watering.
  • Test the moisture occasionally and water according to the schedule recommended for the type of plant. Use a water soluble fertilizer according to directions and water thoroughly, without creating puddles.

Don’t want to transplant the plant yourself? 
Let us do it for you. With our potting service, just buy a plant and a pot and we’ll plant it for you for free. We will even include the soil! Visit your local store to learn more.

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